Wood Mulch in Calgary

For removal clients: Wood Mulch may be left on the jobsite if so desired.

All mulch is for delivery only – we do not have a staging area, so no mulch can be picked up. Our Wood Mulch is actually a product of tree removal, containing parts from the whole tree, including everything from stump grinding mulch to chipped leaves, needles, and branches resulting in chips 1”- 5” long. It all turns a uniform light brown color a couple of weeks after being spread out. Please be aware these loads are usually mostly coniferous material, which may be unsuitable for acid sensitive plants, but great for general ground cover. Highly desired by acreage owners to spread out as ground cover under their trees. Wood mulch is generated every week from April through October. We do not have a staging area, so pick up by you is not possible. Be sure to click and view the pictures, and notice the room and clearance needed for the truck to dump the load.


This is a very large 5 ton bucket truck, needing open overhead clearance to unfold the boom before dumping. Only open spaces like yards, large driveways, fields and parking lots can accommodate this truck. A normal load has a footprint of 15 feet by 20 feet. Wood Mulch may be had for delivery only within Calgary city limits south side and slightly outside limits north side (preference will be given to the north half, where we are based), for a voluntary $25 donation toward fuel expenses. Each load is 8-10 cubic yards, and must be spread out within 2 days after being dumped – otherwise, toxic mould will develop inside. We do occasionally have half loads of about 4 yards. Please email your details on the Contact Us page, including your name, address, phone numbers, and number of loads desired, along with exact location on the lot for dumping. I won’t know the exact date I can come by til the day of delivery (unless arranged ahead of time), whereupon I’ll need to contact you by phone before I head over, to confirm clearance.

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