Efficient Tree, Stump and Bush Removal in Calgary

Not satisfied with the services or costs of other tree removal companies?

Need fast and efficient stump removal services for your backyard?

Rob’s Tree Removal specializes in the removal of problematic trees, stumps, surface roots, and bushes in your backyard. We provide quick and effective services to ensure the tree no longer causes problems in your yard. You can get a free estimate of our services through our online calculator.

Estimating the cost for tree & stump removal

We do answer all inquiries, and we will be glad to help you price your job or answer any questions you might have.

A faster way for you to get pricing for your job and to get booked for work would be to consult the Quick calculator page and let the calculator work out your pricing, then fill out the rest of the form if you would like to book in, with pictures if possible. Keep in mind that the pricing is a close estimate only, based on the information you submitted. If you are finding the calculator difficult to use, please consult the Price list page or contact us with your information, and we will be pleased to help you.

For those of you unable to perform the task of measuring your job for pricing, please email your inquiries via the contact us page with pictures if possible.

If you are having trouble uploading pictures, use my personal email address which I’ll give you when you ask me for it by phone or email.

Beautiful leaf removal

If you only want to know wait times up front, or need an ownership check (to see whether your tree is City owned or private, I’ll need your address), feel free to email me on the contact us page.


Minimum charges are $200 for the North of Calgary, $200 for the South, $400 for out of town, and $750 for distant communities like Bragg Creek, Cochrane, Okotoks. Our work radius is limited to 50kms outside Calgary city limits.

These are NOT surcharges, only minimums.

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After booking

Once you are in the queue, I will call you the night before we swing by to do the job, so that you can expect our confirmation call once we arrive at your address the next day. When we get there, we will call you to confirm the address, job details and final price. Once we’re all agreed, we go ahead and do the job on the spot. We will not start a job without a confirmation call unless previously arranged with you.

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Paying the bill

We accept all major credit and debit cards as well as electronic transfers, cash, and cheque. If you’re not at home when we’re done (like us, many people are out working during the day!), we’ll just leave the invoice with a business card in your mailbox and you can mail us a cheque, arrange an e-transfer via email, or call us for a credit card payment. This system works extremely well as long as both parties extend some trust. You trust us to do the job as promised, and we trust you will be pleased enough to provide payment of your own accord as agreed.

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Rob’s Tree Removal is eager to address all your tree, bush and stump removal needs in Calgary. We’re based in 4030 8th St SE Calgary, AB T2G 3A7. For inquiries, please call us at 403-274-2558.

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