Tree removal

Most common clients’ quotes

“Are you sure it won’t hit the house?”
“I can’t believe how fast you did that!”
“20 years to grow up and 20 minutes to come down!”
“The tree looks much bigger on the ground than when it’s standing!”
“Do you take the top branches off first?”
Now we can finally get some grass growing there again!”
“Wow! I really appreciate the huge amount of sunlight we get back in that room now!”
“I didn’t realize it was so much work!”

Reasons for tree removal

tree log

Get Rid of Unwanted Trees and Stumps Today

  1. The site is assessed for the safest and fastest way for the tree to be processed.
  2. In some cases it is felled outright, and in others it is pieced down by hand.
  3. The tree is then processed per the customer’s wishes, usually involving chipping and removing the branches from the site, bucking and piling the firewood, and thoroughly cleaning up the jobsite so that one scarcely knows a tree was even there, but for the stump and firewood, if so desired. A job usually is completed within a day, sometimes 2 if the tree is extra large. The Wood Mulch from the branch chipping may be left onsite at no extra charge, if so desired.
  4. We will clean any eavestroughs near the tree in question for free, if they contain debris from the tree.
  5. If the firewood is to be removed, it will be picked up at no extra charge within 3 days from the day of completion.

For tree removal pricing

Take a tape measure and put it around the trunk of the tree a foot from the ground, and read the measurement of the trunk of the tree on the tape in inches (see and click on side pictures), and apply the figure (this is the circumference) to the appropriate boxes on the Quick calculator page.


If taking the circumference is difficult, take a tape measure and pull it across (not around) the thickest part of the trunk of the tree a foot from the ground, and eyeball the thickness of the trunk of the tree on the tape from side to side, in inches (see and click on the side pictures), and apply the figure (this is the diameter) to the appropriate boxes on the Quick calculator page.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to remove dead or damaged trees for the safety of your household and your property. They get weaker over time. Extreme weather conditions can take them down and can cause injuries or property damage.

It becomes necessary to cut down trees when they start disrupting the landscape or your home’s structural integrity. Damaged tree removal is also a way to protect your yard from pest infestation and mold growth.

We understand that you have an established routine. It’s okay if you can’t be at home for the tree removal job. Our team will quickly do the job and leave the invoice in your mailbox. You can pay for it within 30 days.

Our tree removal costs depend on various factors such as the size of your tree, the width of its trunk, the overall status of the tree, and the accessibility to your property. You can get a free quote with our online calculator.

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