Brush Chipping

How to rot a dead stump properly

A tree stump is the remaining part of a cut down tree and it’s necessary to remove it from your property as soon as possible. We’ll show you how we can help you with this unpleasant task by describing three ways to rot a tree stump: chemical, cold rotting, and manual removal. Chemical rotting You

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City Trees in Calgary

City Trees in Calgary

If you are considering removing a front yard tree, bush or stump, one has to keep in mind there is a City owned easement on the front edge of every roadside property to the tune of 1 foot – 20 feet away from the curb or sidewalk. Generally speaking, if an item is in the

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Free Firewood

Free firewood

Sorry, but we are not taking any more applicants at this time – we have more than we can serve. If you would like to take advantage of our free firewood program, continue reading the rest of this paragraph and then email us with all your phone numbers to be added to the list. The

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Killing the roots

Killing the root system

Conifers or greens such as Pine, Spruce, Cedar and Juniper will not sucker, and die off on their own once cut to the ground. Many Deciduous or leaf trees will generate suckers or sprouts from the stump or surface roots and subterraneous roots after the tree is removed. There are two ways to deal with

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