How to rot a dead stump properly

A tree stump is the remaining part of a cut down tree and it’s necessary to remove it from your property as soon as possible. We’ll show you how we can help you with this unpleasant task by describing three ways to rot a tree stump: chemical, cold rotting, and manual removal.

Chemical rotting

You should pour undiluted herbicide into the cut just like you did when you remove a tree. You can use Roundup to kill and rot a stump, but before you do this keep in mind that it may take several months until the stump is gone completely. It could be green for up to six months or even more before it rots down completely.

You should burn both the top and bottom ends of the tree stump to accelerate its rotting process. Just pour one part diesel oil and one part gasoline on either end of the stump and light it up with a match. The hot fire will generate enough heat to make things happen fast. However, please remember that this method also involves risks since open flames are involved which could lead to house fire.

Cold rotting

You should try to drill a hole inside the cut and fill it with magnesium chloride crystals. If this is done, you’re bound to get excellent results, but there’s one drawback – this method may take up to 2 years before the stump rots down completely. Cold rotting can be very effective if done properly, but keep in mind that not all stumps rot at the same rate. Fortunately, we can do even more than just remove your old tree stump by using professional stump grinding service!

Remove the stump manually

This is probably the most traditional and least effective way to remove a tree stump. It involves using a shovel and digging out all of its parts manually. You can use your hands or any other tool available to you as long as it’s sharp enough to dig through the roots or deep enough into the ground to recover those that are below the surface.

However, this method will take a lot of time since you’ll have to continue working until there’s no longer any trace of what used to be a tree on your property. Not only will this make an ugly scene in front of your home, but it may also create big chunks of wood chips since they often leave behind splintered pieces when pulled out from under the soil.

How Rob’s Tree can help

A professional tree removal service such as Rob’s Tree can help you with your tree stump problems by grinding and removing it completely. There are many ways to remove tree stumps in your property. However, tree stump grinding is by far the easiest and most efficient. The process shouldn’t take longer than a few hours. The process will require some heavy equipment to work properly, so don’t think about doing anything yourself unless you’re really up for it!

All in all, no one likes living next to an old dead tree that’s still there even though all of its parts are already gone. It looks bad and probably smells even worse which is why you need to take action before it becomes something unsanitary and hazardous for everyone around. Contact us for more information and pricing inquiries.

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