If you are considering removing a front yard tree, bush or stump, one has to keep in mind there is a City owned easement on the front edge of every roadside property to the tune of 1 foot – 20 feet away from the curb or sidewalk.

Generally speaking, if an item is in the centre of the lawn between the road and house, or closer to the house, it is private. If it is at all closer to the road than to the house, by all means please feel free to inquire with us as to whether the item is a City one or not.

When you email us with your address, we will consult our City-issued Paving and Sidewalk Index Book for what the City measurement is for your property. We will then contact you back with the measurement, applicable from the pavement edge of the curb or lawn edge of the sidewalk (depending on whether you have a sidewalk or not) to the middle of the trunk of the tree or the other item.

There are hefty fines to be paid if you or we inadvertently cut down or even pruned a City tree. The City’s Urban Forestry department tells us that removal of City stumps or bushes is also off limits. However, they do say that City bushes and hedges can be cut down to the ground for regrowth. So don’t hesitate to contact us!

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